Pivotal Role of Embedded Software

Embedded software is increasingly the key to the creation of value and differentiation for a diverse and ever-increasing range of modern products. The advent of cyber physical systems and the internet of things drives and accelerates this trend in an unprecedented way.

Embedded Software Engineering Challenges

Embedded software engineering requires methodologies and techniques very different from application software engineering. In fact, embedded software engineering is in many aspects still in its infancy.

What We Do

We help customers to establish and improve embedded software engineering processes, methodologies and techniques tailored to meet their specific requirements and capable to adapt to future needs. Our key competency is to enable customers to materialize the full benefits of virtual platforms, which are considered to transform the way embedded software is developed. Virtual platforms allow to utilize state of the art software development paradigms (e.g. test driven design, continuous integration, agile development), resulting overall in increased productivity, reduced time-to-market, and most notably in the improvement of critical embedded system quality metrics, such as safety, security and reliability. It is expected that virtual platforms will become a gating technology for future cyber-physical systems.

Open Source Assets by MINRES®.

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Tracing Sockets

TLM2.0 compliant sockets which can be configured to trace transactions passing thru them using the SystemC Verification library (SCV) transaction recording facilities.

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A SQLite based database back-end for the SystemC Verification library (SCV) transaction recording infrastructure. It allows to use SQL queries to gather simulation results.

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An extensible tool based on Eclipse 4 to visualize VCD and transaction traces in a waveform viewer style.

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A versatile infrastructure to write high performance instruction set simulators (ISS) using Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation.