Virtual platform modeling TGC based systems


TGC-VP is a virtual platform built around a TGC core. It allows a fast and easy entry into the world of TGC-Core-Family series. Furthermore, this system is a good starting point for building any RISC-V based VP system. TGC-VP Architecture

Besides the ISS, TGC-VP provides an always on module, plic and clic interrupt controllers, gpio, qspi, an UART terminal and several other peripherals.

Most peripherals are imported from the VPV-Per library. VPV-Per is an open-source library that provides SystemC/TLM2 implementation examples of peripherals for various SoCs.

A generic router model and the memories are parts of the SystemC-Components-Library

More details and initial setup of the TGC-VP was shown at a Meetup of the RISC-V Duisburg Group: